Netlify or Firebase?

Should I use Netlify or Firebase to host my website? I did some research but would like to hear your opinion. Let me know if you would advice to use a service other than Netlify or Firebase…

I didn’t know firebase could host your website.

I would go with Netlify, it’s super user friendly and easy to deploy your apps, especially if they are static sites.

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I thought they did but since i am new to these maybe I misunderstood something.

I haven’t used it personally, but Netlify tends to come out as the current winner I think, it seems to be very highly rated, easy to set up, deploy etc. Google are trying to grab market share so Firebase hosting should be fine as well though, this is probably a good time to try it as they’re trying to play catch-up to Amazon so are aggressively trying to get people on onto their cloud platforms and the free tiers seem pretty good. I know Google can get very expensive very fast if you exceed bandwidth limits, but if you’re just wanting to build small things I don’t think that’s likely to be much of an issue.

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I have not heard about Firebase much, but from what I have seem Netlify is very good and easy to deploy, all you need to deploy is familiarity with Git and GitHub.

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