What is the difference between Netlify and regular hosting?

Netlify serves the index.html file based on the build folder you’ve specified, but how does it do that in comparison to hosting sites like Heroku and something with Cpanel who serves backend code–like Laravel or NodeJS.

I guess Netlify works similarly to Github Pages, but I just want to know if there are different types of hosting I guess. I don’t know enough to even know what to Google to find out.

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I have the exact same question

My hosting plan expires in a few days so I was wondering what the difference was and wondering why should I pay if I can get hosting for free and point a custom domain name to netlify or heroku.

depends on amount of traffic and data needed. The free tier is always limited. But if you have just sample projects, a free tier may be enough.

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Yes it’s just for hosting the Freecodecamp projects and apps which people rarely visit it’s just me or you guys when I post it here with a new project lol

Actually I didn’t even know that for backend you needed a different kind of hosting that supports node js and what not. So my current hosting I guess was useless for it as I’m about to begin the backend sections now of Frecodecamp

Heroku or Netflify have a free tier for full stack apps
Or you can use stuff like replit.com, the boilerplates are already given on replit for backend lessons and projects

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