About hosting sites and backend

i’m a starting frontend developer that want to, as much as possible, focus on the frontend part. so my question is this:

does hosting sites (like hostgator) take care of all(or a least a big chunk) the backend stuff?

ps: my plan is to work on creating websites (landing pages, portofolio,…), and then creating ecommerce sites(that are more complex)

Appreciate any help! :slight_smile:

Hey there,

this depends on the specific platform.

I don’t know about hostgator.

Frontend, easy: Vercel and Netlify.
Backend, easy: Heroku and Digital Ocean App Platform.

If you have multiple apps and don’t want to pay per app, you can run your own virtual private server on Linode or Digital Ocean, that’s what I do. But you have to manage the server (Linux).

It’s a good idea to go to alternativeto.net and search for comparable services.


Thank you so much for ur help!

hey there @viniciusguimaraes253!

Github pages is also a good option for hosting simple webpages and websites, especially if the code is already on Github


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For the frontend only, you have Netlify, Vercel, Surge.sh, and Github Pages.

Getting a VPS (virtual private server) is really nice if you need a backend. You have a lot of freedom to whatever you want and can install anything. There are some very inexpensive VPS out there that have monthly plans for less than $5 USD. Having a VPS you will really learn a lot about the backend the alternative such as Heroku do a lot for so you only need to upload your code and configure a few things.

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yeah, github is definitely something that i have to setup eventualy. thanks for the help!

i looked for Netlify before, but i just dont know if it is a long-term and reliable (and free) for hosting websites for myself and clients. hv to do more research.
thanks for all the info!

It also depends on which languages/technologies are in your back-end. A lot of hosting platforms support PHP and MySQL by default. But I’m guessing you probably want to use something different, like JavaScript/Node.js, in which case you need to use one of the alternatives already mentioned (i.e. Heroku, Digital Ocean, Netlify, et al).

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i’m probably going to use Netlify .thank u, @astv99!

What kind of websites? If your project will get too messy and heavy, I can recommend you using VPS. And considering your skill and if you will try the massive project by itself- it’s just a must-have. If you have the budget I can strongly recommend this https://host-world.com/ . Take a look.

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