Looking for place to house project

I’d like to try to make a web app/page to house a fantasy football league with friends. Do I need to pay for a web domain? Any place have a free option that I can code myself? Is WordPress a good place to start? I’ve tried to search some of this stuff but it often leads me to premade site builders. Anybody have a resource for where to start? I want to try to put into practice what I’m learning but not even sure where to start to make something functional.

Free options: Github Pages, Heroku, Next.js, Repl.it, Glitch.

You probably will end up having to pay for your web domain if you want a specific one. Otherwise the “free” ones usually are limited to a subset of another domain.

However, domains can come to very cheap, like 1$ a month if you aren’t going for a highly sought after one.

There are a number of free tier options for hosting/server-hosting your application. Which is best for you depends more on how you want to build your app. For example, building a front-end only app can be supported just by github pages for free. However if you need a back-end, your looking at Heroku’s free tier. If you need more power then you in the market of ~5$ a month small servers, like Digital Ocean’s droplets/App Platform. Or if you have expansive “enterprise” level requirements, I’d look into the “big three” cloud providers, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure (Microsoft’s cloud) and GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

Lots of options out there, I’d recommend checking out Heroku as its a PaaS (platform as a service) so it abstracts away a lot of the lower level stuff so its easier faster to use, but you don’t get as much flexibility and have some limitations, which may or may not impact how your app works.

Good luck, keep building, keep learning :+1:

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Depends what your goals are and what your experience is.

If you’re really comfortable with JavaScript and your backend requirements aren’t too complicated it may make sense to host your app on Netlify as a static site.

You can use Netlify Functions to handle the “backendy” stuff and Fauna for the database.

All of this will run nicely on the free tiers of each service while also not having to deal with the annoying “sleeping server” issue other hosting providers have on their free tier.

So yeah I think using a frontend framework like React, Vue or Angular hosted on Netlify (you can purchase your domain their too), using Fuana as your database, use Netlify Functions to connect to your database and use Netlify Identity to manage users.

If that sounds like a bad fit for you then this answer Looking for place to house project - #3 by bradtaniguchi has what you’re looking for :slight_smile: