Best place to host a developer portfolio site

Hi folks,

I am wondering if there are free solutions out there for a developer portfolio site? I am considering buying a domain and hosting and setting up my own WordPress custom theme but before I do that I would like to know if anyone else has got any other ideas?



There are lots of free choices… but usually you get what you pay for with these free choices. Usually just static file hosting, so no php, no database, no ftp access, etc. I think a few do database hosting, but they “spin down” your virtual machine after a few minutes of inactivity. And only start it up again the next time you or someone access it.

You can’t go wrong getting your own paid hosting, especially if you want to play with WP, mySQL database, and PHP. With my host, I pay $6/mo on your first year and you can host unlimited domain names, subdomains, unlimited accounts… great if you want to host websites of your future clients, or you own several domain names and you wish to host each one of them. (no additional charge). You can also install several packages on each of the domain name, blogs, shopping carts, wikis, etc. Lots of things to play with and learn/get experience as a developer.

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This is my all time favorite


I’ve also bought the new Domain just because of same concern. But I’m going to create complete website from scratch instead of Wordpress. I am going to create as i learn new skills and regularly going to update as soon as i gain new skills.
My website will be my best playground to play.

Happy Coding! :slight_smile:

1 Like, Heroku or GitHub pages.

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The best deal I’ve found is

I got a shared hosting plan, domain, and privacy protection (hides the domain owners’ physical registration address) for around ~$20/year, plus didn’t get flooded with a bunch of upselling B.S. like from other sites.

I chose to go the route of buying a domain/hosting. I’ve found it to be a great learning experience in managing my own files. There are a ton of other routes you can go, but I am happy I chose to go this route and it’s worth $40-50 per year to have my own domain and control over everything.

Start with GitHub Pages. If you need something more take a look at It is a cloud host similar to Digital Ocean, Amazon and Google but the entry-level plan starts at $2.50/month.

I was looking to buy a domain to but found GitHub Pages. I highly recommend starting with GitHub Pages as others have recommended.

The OP wants to run WordPress and custom themes. How are you going to do that with Github?

Have not personally used it, but possibly with a plug-in that converts WordPress to a static page?

I like Github pages as long as you don’t need to use any backend technologies. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much sir!

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Most free wordpress hosting are crap. You could easily get the reliable one for around 1-3$ per month. If you are looking for a free option, just make a static site and use netlify, now zeit hosting etc.

Seconding Namecheap. Fair prices, solid privacy options, and their chat support is on point.