How am i supposed to complete the portfolio project without javascript?

i don’t know javascript yet, but the Portfolio Project needs it.

@HMUNACHI Why do you think the profile project needs JavaScript?

The site can do things i’ve not learnt in HTMl and CSS, but i’m just speculating anyways. Do you have any idea on how i should go about this?

@HMUNACHI I might be able to help as I’m doing my portfolio project without JavaScript. However, in order to help, I (we) need to know specifically what part of the site you’re wanting to duplicate without using JavaScript.

One problem you may be experiencing is that you’re using the current example profile site for reference. It does use a lot of JavaScript. Take a look at the beta profile example as that one is done almost entirely in HTML and CSS. I feel that the beta example site is a more realistic goal for someone at this level to accomplish, because as you mention above, we haven’t learned JavaScript at this point yet.

Let me know what you think.

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Thank you very much for this particular portfolio page, i was trying to work with the other one. i’ll start with the beta profile example ASAP, and i’ll contact you once i encounter any problem. Once again, thanks!

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Hey Camper, i’m working on the portfolio project now but my the “About me” text on my navigation bar is still blue even after i tried to change the color. Please help!

@HMUNACHI Hmm. Are you working on a mobile device? If so, that could be part of the problem. I notice that I can’t change the color on my mobile device, even when I select more specific elements.

The other part of the problem might be related to the cascade in that another rule somewhere has a higher priority than your CSS selector. To fix this, you’ll want to select an element that’s as close as possible to the text you want to change.

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You need to target your anchor tag to override the default styles like this. But I would suggest a more specific selector otherwise you will change all the anchor tags on your page.

a {
  text-decoration: none;
  color: white;

The JavaScript in that first example is only for the scrolling effects and menu. If you need help with the layout you can use Bootstrap as they did.

You can do quite a bit with CSS alone. I created this site with just plain old CSS (the home page, not the daily challenges linked to it). I’d suggest taking a basic web development course online or looking up tutorials on YouTube. Let me know if you want any suggestions :slight_smile:

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thanks, i created a beige-color class and it overrides the other rules.

wow! your site is amazing, im getting along with the CSS only design now, thanks

Thanks and good luck!

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Whenever you start actually job hunting you’re going to come back and redo the whole portfolio anyway. I suggest just making a nice skeleton for now and moving onto JavaScript ASAP. You don’t have to do the projects in order, so it really doesn’t matter even if you skip it for now.

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