How are these different?

Can someone clarify what the difference between:




Hi @martaramos, for the positioning you can take a look at this page in MDN.
It explains it much better than whatever I could write ^^

For the float: right read this other page in MDN.
Basically it makes the element move on the right inside its container and the rest of the elements wrap around it.
Think about the images in the newspaper with the text of the articles going around them.

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This one took me quite a while to understand,try watching this video

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Good evening!

Earlier today I saw your post and I actually decided to quickly create a little application.

The reason being because a lot of learners mostly ask questions based on CSS position (I was one myself) and it does tend to be the topic that people find it hard to explain on. :grimacing:

Since, I am planning to create my own blog at some point, I thought this may be a good chance to train on writing a guide on something. Even though, this is done on Codepen to show visual step-by-step demonstration.

I am not sure if this will help you or answer your question (especially I haven’t include float to this topic AND this was done during my break so it may feel “rushed”). Let me know what you think of this and if there is anything I could be clearer on. If this still does not help then I will try explain simply here.
I also will post this in a separate post too :slight_smile:

Here is the link:


I just saw it now, it’s great!!

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Thank you I am very happy to hear that :blush: