How can I auto-size pages?

Good evening!

I have started freeCodeCamp as I currently work in IT and I would like to switch from testing to development. I have been given a little project at work to improve our ‘monitoring screens’. Currently, we have a simple javascript loop that goes from one webpage to another, etc at intervals.

My idea is to put this into a html/css layout and make it prettier- also adding extra text at the side, etc. I made a basic layout and added the current code on top. However, our monitoring screens are all different sizes and the old code is individually edited to each screen. I want the layout and the content to auto-size to each screen. Is there anyway I could do this?

I appreciate any help and I am open to changing the javascript loops, etc. I just need to find something that would tab through multiple screens but have room for other stuff too.

Thank you for reading!
Sall x

Uhm, take a look at this : W3School - HTML responsive web design

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