How can I avoid copy and paste mentality?

The ultimate goal is to have an independent chain of thoughts while you are coding, and find solutions creatively! At least this has been my deep-rooted personal belief!

But I find myself relying too much on the second party resources. Whether it is the Hint section of Freecodecamp or my search result on Google or even a separate project that I am doing.

It’s not that I am deceiving myself and I am not honest while learning how to code. It is too much reliance. I can’t let go and then can not find myself getting stuck in a piece of code for one hour straight!

The best analogy is that I am a child who doesn’t let go of parents’ hands to learn how to walk!

hope to recieve some advice on this issue.

Are you copying and pasting without understanding, or are you applying the read-search-ask method?

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I am applying this method all the time. But I won’t have the privilege of implementing the third rule ( ask for help — without being afraid to ask!) at work .

So how can I prepare myself for that?

why will you not have the privilege? do you not have any mentor? or stackoverflow?

I don’t have a mentor. I ask my questions often here on this forum, and you’ve replied to many of them. Thank you for that
I just think Stackoverflow won’t help me if I am a junior programmer :confused:
at work, many would assess your skills undercover and I don’t want to ask for guidance and wait for an answer online.

I know it’s difficult, that it is scary (I can totally empathise), but this attitude will seriously hamper you. As you’ve said, you’ve already asked questions here. At some point or another, people will judge you, maybe be dismissive. It’s really disheartening when that happens. But most people aren’t like that, they’ll genuinely try to help you get better. There is vast resource out there, and lots and lots of people who will give you advice if you just ask


Hey! I think you should memorize concepts/utility functions and how you can apply them rather than memorizing solutions. At the end of the day, you’re going to be solving problems that may not exist in stack overflow or fcc so you definitely need to put on your thinking cap + solve problems!

I made a video about it on youtube but i got flagged by FCC :frowning: Feel free to check it out via techrally channel!

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Thank you for the thoughtful input. You are right :100:

In general there is nothing wrong about looking a solutions at platforms like Stackoverflow… as you wont and can`t know the (best) solution to everything.

To be honest in the beginning when I learned programming I thought that would be cheating and tried to solve everything on my own with the basic knowledge I had at that time - that might have been the right way for the first steps and to get a feeling for the language.

However as things became more complicated I sometimes got stuck or more often thought there must be a more elegant way to do a certain thing - that thought came because I rad gotten a feeling for the language and how things usually work/when things feel being done in a nice way.
So I then tought it would be great if there would be a method doing a certain thing (for example sorting) or a data Type of certain kind (for example a dict keeping the order elemnts have been added) and searched for that.
I still felt bad and as I would need to know these things just like that, but saw a Video where poeple working for big tech companies just told that they also get Information from those platforms on a daily Base, as you cant be the expert in every field.

I think the best way is:

  • rely on What you learned in courses for your learning projects - so that you get to know the fundamentals
  • later on think first how your solution would be for the project - if you feel that your solution is clumsy/or are corriouse whether there is a better way/you wish for a certain function/data Type go for it and search
  • when you found something, do not simply copy it but first unterstand what is the core of this solution, how does it work - do some experiments with it, read about strange constructs you see within it
  • just after you understood all aspects use it, best not copy it at all but implement your own code using the just learned

I think you have to see it as a thought, as an idea which is worth thinking aubout.
But you should not use it till you have made it your own thought by understanding it, as you will just learn by following the though processes others have gone before you, there might be even the Chance to find a even better solution than the posted one in the process.

So its not wrong to read there, but it would be wrong doing so before you have thought about own solutions and just copy-pasting withouth understanding…


@Mailerdaemon Thank you for the comprehensive answer to this issue of mine. I thoroughly appreciate it :100: