How can I create a navbar similar to that one?

Hello, coders!

Dealing with navbar is one of the most complicated thing for me in html/css (seriously) and today I saw this project and wanted to make a navbar similar to this one, but I just can’t figure out how to do it.

The link is right here:
I would appreciate any help!

If your talking about the hamburger navbar button. That can be easily achieved with bootstrap.\

Checkout this vid.

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Why don’t you show us some code you are working on? Are you trying to build the menu with HTML and CSS, or are you trying to actually make the menu work? If you are trying to get the menu to work, you will need JavaScript as HTML and CSS will not suffice.

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I was trying to make the menu work with only HTML and CSS hahaha thank you!

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In this video he buildings a navigation bar. The link will take you right to the timestamp where he does it.