How can I handle multiple components on one page?

Hey there folks,

I’m kinda new to the Angular World and there it is: my first big question!

I’m in a new project at work right now and there is something new coming up to me.

My Problem:

I need a number of different components (which contain different forms) to be called one after the other. But now I don’t know how I could implement it best, that only the currently needed component is displayed. That means: There are for example 10 work steps, also 10 components, each new one can only be called when the other one has been completed.

I know from reading and looking up, that you can do a lot of things with *ng-show, e.g. *ng-show=“active”. But somehow I’m missing the appropriate module to know where and how I can regulate that it is set to active or passive.
Oh and there are buttons for back and forth to control it.

Maybe someone knows advice and can help me.

Thanks in advance.


Every component can have a unique URL. Event navigationstart can be used to navigate back and forth.

More info can be found on angular router topic on
Ng-show would hide a specific html element only…

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