How can I make use of libraries

How do I make use of libraries ?

Font Awesome is a really cool library that you could use.

You just add the link to the html file like this

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha512-1PKOgIY59xJ8Co8+NE6FZ+LOAZKjy+KY8iq0G4B3CyeY6wYHN3yt9PW0XpSriVlkMXe40PTKnXrLnZ9+fkDaog==" crossorigin="anonymous" />

From there you can just pick any of the free icons and copy the html tag like this

<i class="far fa-address-card"></i>

Animate.css is another great option that is pretty easy to use.

Just follow the instructions on the website to add to your project.

Happy coding!

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You can add libraries to your page with the following tag

<link rel="text/stylesheet" href="library_cdn_path"/>

Just follow the library documentation to use it efficiently…

For Codepen:

Codepen provides easy way to include libraries …
when you’re working on a pen on codepen… go to settings on top right

you can search and add libraries here…

To add javascript libraries such as Jquery goto JS settings… and you’ll get a similar imput fields for external libraries…

You’re going to have to provide a lot more context. A library is just a prebuilt set of code things (might be some CSS styles if it’s a CSS library, or functions if it’s a JS library etc etc). What are you trying to do? Where are you trying to do it?

Thank you so much. Your response, is really helping now.