How can I map multiple objects in an array to pass the value in React - JavaScript?

I have multiple coordinates like below

 {lat: 35.0606118, lng: 128.0654182},
 {lat: 35.8417043, lng: 127.1522446},
 {lat: 35.0884086, lng: 128.0935447}, 
 {lat: 35.1731054, lng: 128.0942915}

The above data is from props.locations. Therefore, I mapped this array into this. I am trying to show pins on Google Map using ‘@react-google-maps/api’. However, it does not show a single pin here.

        { => {
              lng: location.lng,

You are not calling the data properties with the same name you defined in the callback arg.

switched t locations but it doesn’t work as well

I found the problem! I was missing return()! But thank you so muhc anyway.

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Your callback function actually returning undefined not the component Marker. You should add return before <Marker … , or remove arrow function’s body bracket.

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I’d been working on it for 2 days trying to figure it out what I had done wrong. I’d just missed ‘return’ lol