How can i move the radio buttons?

I am making a project on codepen and im trying to move the radio buttons but cant seem to do that. Can i get some help?

what exactly do you mean by “move them”? There doesn’t seem to be anything that you’ve tried.

There are errors in your code that you should revisit. Duplicate id’s, the radio buttons aren’t grouped, there’s an element that isn’t closed correctly.
On a side note, keep all your styling external. Do not use in-line styling.

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By moving them i mean centering them. I tried some things but deleted them.
For the errors, i haven’t checked up on that.
Ill be sure to remove the inline styling,thanks for the tip.

That’s not very descriptive.
We will try and help you with you problems but we are not primarily here to give you answers.

There’s a bit of a hint in my previous answer.
On a side note, I tried something and was able to center them.

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