How can I solve it

How can I align button same line?

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Hi @arnabchakma2021 and welcome on the forum,

I checked your code, on my side there are issues with the images, don’t know if everyone has the same. Anyway, about your problem, you got different possible approaches. You can add CSS rules for the class .shirt using Flexbox for example:

.shirt {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: column;
  justify-content: space-between;

It will give this (I used a background-color to debug):

This technique doesn’t ask a lot of effort as you can see, that’s why I like Flexbox :slight_smile:

I think you tried to this directly with the content inside the element with the class .price-item. Their parent is the div, and the div height evolves with the number of content inside as you didn’t define a specify height so it can be difficult to see a result with flex-end for example. What you can do too is try to add a margin property inside that class, it can be an easy answer too.


Hi Arnab,

Did you get a chance to try LucLH’s Solution. Let us know if it worked out for you. Or if you encountered any further problems.

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