How can I trust the course reviews I found on the internet?

Here is the link :
would it be true, or lie?

search on google and find reviews outside of their website

so do you think “course report” site is something i can trust?

I have no idea, I don’t know it

You may try searching for other reviews
Usually if you can find a few different places that agree on the quality of something you may be moderately certain that it reflects reality

thank you for your view, you are absolutely right.
I couldnt find another reviews on that site…

I mean, I found a reddit thread:

looking at all the reviews there is mixed feelings about it

a quora question:

anyway, if you want a taste for free, there are some videos on freecodecamp youtube channel on data science, and there will be a certification released sometimes this year

thank you a lot for searching for me. Yeah i found that before but thanks anyway.
There are some who say positive and some who say negative…
I am confused, those who say positive things may be ones who works at that site, or something… So its hard to trust on reviews on internet:(

i dont care about certification really
i just want to be in enough level to do projects, i know this may take time for sure.
but i should find the best site for me
yeah i heard about freecode camp a lot.
let me see what i will do…
thank you very much