Urgent help more information on certi

Guys will I be certified after completing the course

is it worth to start a career?
Will i find easily once this is completed ?
Are the assignments at the end of the course hard to complete? Are we still a bit guided?

More information would be appreciated



You will be given a freeCodeCamp certification after completing each section.

The certification probably won’t do much to help your career, but the projects the certificate assures you have completed will definitely help you advance your career.

Getting a job in the tech industry isn’t some get rich quick thing. If you want to get a job, you will have to work hard. Nothing in life is easy.

Yes, they are hard. Programming is hard. Advanced programming is even harder.

Pretend you are hiking up a mountain. freeCodeCamp will point you in the right direction to get to the top, give you a map on where to stop on your way up, and then give you an emergency telephone if you mess up.

Once you start up the mountain, you are pretty much on your own. You know the general path to go because you have the map, but you must learn all the dangers to avoid, and how exactly to use all your equipment to best suit you.

Of course, there will be times you have no idea what to do, and even possibly times you might mess up. Fortunately, you have the forum and Gitter to reach out to if you need some support.

Oh, and one more thing. You can take a friend up the mountain with you if you’re scared. Things are always easier when you work on them with others.

i appreciate the answer but i find you are not promoting the site properly. You are making me scared and not wanting to learn programming , that is pretty sad. In that sense CodeAcademy is much better because it does more for ones career.

There’s no magic certificate that will automatically guarantee you a job. – that’s the truth.

People who worked hard, plowed through the exercies and challenges, studied for hours everyday… – they’re the ones that get a job, with certificate or not.

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If you want me to promote the site then fine.

Here at freeCodeCamp, you can copy from StackOverflow and complete all your front-end projects within one week. You will be given a FREE FRONT-END HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, BOOTSTRAP CERTIFICATION. You can use this certification at any job and instantly be prepared for every interview and make $300,000+ per year.

Unfortunately, that’s not true, and my goal isn’t to promote the site but be honest with you as a person. If I make you scared, I don’t really care. Be scared. Tremble. Hide under your bed if you want. Before you become successful, you will have to put in hours and hours of hard work. If that makes you sad, then flip burgers at your local restaurant and collect government income. If you want to be successful, you have to work hard. It’s not complicated, but just difficult, nerve-wracking, and entirely possible if you stick with it.

If you want to use codecademy, then by all means use it. I started using that site. I finished the HTML and CSS sections and got certificates, and felt like a rock-star. And then I realized I had no idea how to build a custom site or software for someone and get a job. freeCodeCamp doesn’t give you 20 language courses with each one being possible to complete in a week or two. It doesn’t give you many certificates (i.e. pictures on a site with your name on it). freeCodeCamp teaches you how to think on your own, complete real-world projects, and gain experience and confidence so that you won’t be nearly as scared when you try to get a job then if you just completed a few short courses, had no idea how to build a solution, and have 20 certificates to prove you know barely anything.

Don’t get into programming/web dev just for the money. If that’s the only motivator, you more than likely won’t like it and you’ll get burned out. Don’t put your future coworkers through that also.

Yes, it is hard and will take a long time. Everything worth doing is.

Not to mention, after you get the certificates, which really aren’t worth anything to employers, the learning doesn’t stop. You will always be learning and solving problems as well as learning the latest frameworks/languages (ehhh), etc.

You have to be interested in programming.