How complete do certification projects need to be?

Obviously the project needs to pass the tests, but is there anything saying it has to be more substantial than that? On the last HTML/CSS project, the tests didn’t even require any images or text other than some section titles and a hyperlink. I was getting tired and was so close to the certification after working for so many hours. So I did the bare minimum and passed the tests, earning the certificate. I sort of feel like I cheated, but I did what I was told to do. Is there anything saying that I was wrong in how I went about constructing my project?

It’s not cheating to complete the minimum requirements required to gain the certification. Passing the user stories for the projects demonstrates that you have learned the skills necessary to design basic webpages with HTML and CSS.

However, you will learn more by pushing yourself to go beyond this and experiment with ideas which are new to you. For instance, I decided to incorporate a basic parallax effect in my Tribute Page project. Also, the intention of the projects is for you to create something unique and stylish as, the better it looks, the more impressive a portfolio you can develop, to show off to prospective employers.

I guess I didn’t think about these projects being actual pieces of a portfolio that I would show to employers. Is that really a thing? These projects seem too small and insignificant to share. But maybe that’s because I only do the minimums lol

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