Do I have to style my Survey Form to qualify for certification?

Hi guys,

Sorry, this bit leaves me a bit confused:

Fulfill the user stories and pass all the tests below to complete this project. Give it your own personal style. Happy Coding!

May I ask when is my Survey Form deemed to be completed: when I pass all the tests on user stories or when I also finish styling my index.html with CSS?

You are expected to add some real content on the page so that your project is not the barebones skeleton for passing the tests.

Thanks, Jeremy!

What about this?

It says “Submit and go to next challenge” , which to me sounds like, “You are cool, you passed, move on”.

And the 20% progress also seems to confirm this. We have five certification projects in the “Responsive Web Design” course. One completed project out of five makes 20% of the overall progress.

sure, if you are satisfied… your projects will be displayed on your certification.

I highly suggest you put some effort on them

Thank you, guys! Much appreciated.

Go ahead and style it.
For me styling this form - it was the first experience when I needed to apply CSS without tutorial instruction.
I was super confused - how to approach styling the page on my own, though I knew bunch of syntax and tags and CSS props.
It is important experience.


The checkmark says “you’ve done the minimum”, but the minimum doesn’t really convince anyone to hire you.

The idea with the projects is that they become a portfolio of compelling evidence that someone should hire you.

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OK, OK guys, I will style it, I promise :slight_smile:

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