How could i add media to my landing page project

when i added it, it didnt work. could you help me?

Could you elaborate a little more?

  • What kind of media did you try to add?
  • How and where did you try to add it?
  • What didn’t work, exactly?

I don’t see anything media-related in your code.


i want to add media kind of when i make smaller size of windows, text that in the body must be red.
i added the img that includes details
btw i’m still working on it so i could changes every minute

@media queries should be put outside other selectors.

what is that then?

You have two conditionals in your @media, you should use and between them.

@media screen and (max-width: 600px) {

could you write that code?

I did write. It didn’t work? Please post another screenshot.

there is no error but it didnt work as well on the page. body didnt change the color of text to red when i make smaller the size of page

It should work, but just to be sure put the @media below everything.

Resize the output screen on this example:

i checked that out and it works well but for my project, it wont work to. it made color red but wont cover the green

Oh I see, you removed the body tag from the media, you actually had it before so that’s why I didn’t notice.

@media screen and (max-width: 600px) {
  body { /* you must specify the selector */
    color: red;
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it works!!! thank you so much. but i did try to do that first times why didnt that work?

Because the @media was inside the body tag :frowning: