How do I bring in the package and use it?

I am new in Angular so I am here to find out how to work with Angular.

Basically, I would like to replace a package with another one.

So, how do I know what is the name of the import ?

The package I have downloaded is

Do I write import or?

And if the old code is using a custom class, how do I remove the inheritance to make it read in the new one from

Hope someone could give me some guidance.

So it looks like for the name, you would use ‘date-fns’ to import the package. Are you using npm to do it? Can you share a GitHub link?

Sorry, I don’t have. But, I am learning Angular so let me reproduce the problem and share with you the link later.
Please bear with me because I may take some time to build one.

So, I have managed to set-up a simple Angular web app but I am still struggling with an issue - I need to have es5 running.
However, after following certain tutorials I am still not able to get Angular to run by doing ng serve.
Here are the errors

And I have done all the necessary js core installation by downloading the js core to a lower 2 version, besides uncomment things in the pollyfills.js

Hope you could let me know what I have been missing.

Do I need to install webpack.config. to run a build for my case ?

Hope someone can advise me.


Can you send me a GitHub link so I can look at the whole thing? It’s hard to tell.