How do I check checkbox by clicking on whole row?

I want to basically positionally select - when I click on row, with checkbox I want checkbox to be selected. How would I go and do that? - without having to check checkbox square itself

i aint DobarBREND but i will take a crack at this :grin:

  • make use of “label” fro that checkbox element

happy coding :slight_smile:

  <input type="checkbox"><a href="#">Tomahawk is online there</a>

I did it like this, but that doesnt select the checkbox when I click in that row


Seems like this is exactly what I need.
Leaving it here for future reference.

      <input type="checkbox" name="example">
      <span><a href="#">Sparks Joy</a></span>

though i dont see anything “semantically different” about your “marked” solution and that bit which didnt!! but as long as it’s resolved is what matters :slight_smile:

you might also consider something like this, when working with “input” elements

<label for="test">What up!!</label>
<input  id="test" />

happy coding :slight_smile:

you guided me in right way. but it’s necessary for some reason to have that span, apparently. in order to be able to check checkbox by clicking on /near words

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