How do I connect individual tabs with other page's content?

I have two files - index.html and link.html. In link.html I have added the functionality to hide and show content by clicking on individual links and now I want to extend this functionality to my index page as well.

Individual links work fine on the link page but am unable to direct the content from the index page.

What do I do so when I click on the individual links on the index page that take me to related content on the link.html page?

Here is the code pen link…

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Hey @eklavyasharma. I don’t understand what you mean by this topic. Can you please make your question more clear and simple?

If you see, on the home page there are four button links - New Delhi, Washington, London, Canberra so when I click on either of the tab it takes me to the second page. What I want is when I click on “new delhi” it should take me to the other page and display “new delhi” content only and if I click other tabs it should display respective content only. Unlike as it is now.

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I think you are trying to do something like this:

  • You want to load the content of New Delhi without refreshing the page.
    Am I right? If so, then try using AJAX loading. It is helpful if you want to load the content of another page without refreshing (think about youtube).

Here is a video that shows you how to implement AJAX loading:

Hope this helps you!