Single page php app with id as url for body section

i am looking for a way, where i can have single page php, which could load all page sections(pages) which i will have hidden on document/page load, and have them shown once clicked upon with jquery hide and show functions.

however, i know its possible to access a page element through url lets say: on a normal html or php page to direct user to the element with id named pagesection on the index.php page. but i want to have pagesection element hidden on page load but be visible once clicked, at the same time be able to access the pagesection id element directly from the url link even when its hidden on default page load setting with jquery.

is there a way to trigger the element into show or make it visible if accessed from url, even when its hidden when on normal page load? i am looking for a jquery solution on this. i hope i have made my request clear… thank you in advance for your help.