How do i create a personal website

I need a codepen example…can i build my personal website on codepen…?

You can build anything on Codepen but understand that your code will be available to the public except you purchase a pro subscription and make that project private.

If you need to host your site online I’m afraid Codepen will not be able to do that for you. There are many hosting site available for you to host your site and there are even free ones available, you just have to do a little research on them and see which one is more suitable and affordable for you.

Note that one important thing when hosting your site is that you purchase a domain name which many hosting company offer as free for the first year and the other subsequent years you pay a price to keep the domain name

If you love to see the result as you code you can consider downloading an editor that an host a live server for you or something similar. You can also find an alternative to Codepen where your code is private but if you love Codepen so much and you don’t want your personal code out there for everyone then I will advise you purchase their pro subscription.

Have a nice time Coding!

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Can you tell me some free ones please? is one of them you can also search on google for others.
There are always limitations with free hosting sites so understand them so you know how they work.

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Netlify is a very famous one. ( Netlify )
Heroku is also another famous site . ( Heroku )

The problem here is that unless you hv a paid plan, you cant use custom domains.

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Thank you (everyone)

For static pages there is also and of course GitHub pages. Personally, I would suggest Netlify, but it all depends on your requirements. For frameworks you also have vercel which is nice.

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