How do I create a scrollable text box for terms and conditions?


I am using this bootstrap template but there is one part that I needed which is not there.

How do I create a scrollable terms and conditions and embed it before the submit button ?

I have attempted this tutorial from but it is not showing up.

I just add the css in my bootstrap.css so not sure what I am missing out.

Hope someone can gives me some tips how-to. Thanks.

Hmmm…the method in that tutorial is what I would have suggested you do. Maybe there’s something in your code, could you post it here? It would help to see what’s going on.

All you really need is a box with a fixed height and overflow-y: scroll;.

You might need to check that your styles are not being overwritten by the template or Bootstrap.

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In my opinion make is as a .pdf and make link to read it <a href="terms.pdf">terms</a>

can you share with me how do I make the reader after read the pdf and then able to come back to the part before they submit ?

And does pdf works in all handphone screen?

Hi lasjorg,

It works already. Tks.

If you see a form like sign up or something there have: I have read and agree to that pdf what contains terms! So without check it like checkbox not possible to send the form.