How do i download my code to chrome

anyone kind enough to share with me how i can download my code to chrome from notepad++ so im able to view it. thanks

Will need a bit more information to go on, what are you working on?

im learning coding both at FCC and udacity. below is the link. its step 3 of the quiz located at the very bottom of the page. thank you.

Ahh okay! What you are looking to do is save the notepad++ file as an html, then open it in the browser. :smiley:

thank you! ill give it a shot and cross my fingers!

This correct?

Yup! that’s the default file extension.

im sorry. i dont feel confident how to go about opening this in the browser. thank you for your patience

so whats my next step

All you need to do now is find the file where you saved it, and open it in your browser.

Yikes! Is this it? “Zip files” at the top?15195322422391080202707|500x500

Looks like you saved it in a folder called zip files, it should still open, you can right click it from that window and select open in firefox.

uh oh…im only using chrome on my desktop. i believe also the quiz requires that it be on chrome as well…

trevorcostello i got it!!! i successfully opened it!!! thanks dude!!!

Does open in chrome show up when you right click it? You can also set your default windows browser to chrome which may help in the future! :slight_smile: Cheers!

thank you . much appreciated.