How do I get images from my computer to Codepen?

I want to begin my product landing page which I’m hoping will become my website. I have seen instructions for getting images to Sublime and other coding platforms but I’m not that advanced yet and want to practice in Code pen.

In order for a an image to be seen on a website, that image needs to be online. The paid version of CodePen will do asset hosting for you, but you can also just search the web for “free image hosting” and pick your favorite.

Thank you for the assistance.

I’m glad I could help. Happy coding!

Hello, @bonheur,
I have seen people mention Github Pages for free hosting. I’ve never used it myself though. If you get your pages hosted, you can use an editor to code with and then upload everything to the host, including the images. It could work out quite a bit cheaper than paying for CodePen.