How to upload images on codepen?

Hi folks,

I would like to use a high quality image for my next project from pexels, shutterstock or the like. No problem to download them, but it seems like I can´t upload them on my codepen account, unless I go for a paid account (which I don´t want to do). Any ideas how I can use those pictures anyway? I don´t want to take some random pictures from google images search, the quality is not good enough and the long URL´s just suck. Thank you in advance!

The free version of CodePen does not include asset hosting. If you search for “free image hosting”, you’ll find lots of services that will give you a url for embedding images in your project.

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Hey Marcella,
u can visit [] and upload the pic u want.Get the link and paste it to the anchor tag. :slight_smile:


use, you will not have the boilerplate codepen has, but you can upload images

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I didn´t even know, that such a thing exists! Thank you!

Exactly what I need! Thanks a lot :sweat_smile:

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Another option if you aren’t very particular about what image you’re using is to click the assets button in the bottom left, then click on photos. There are a ton of free images from unsplash there and you can copy the raw url or even a pre-packaged img or background image.


Oh really? I didn’t know this one either! Thank you helpful fellow coders!

Thank you so much! This really helped. I have been struggling with uploading images on my projects on codepen for a while now. Thanks once again! :+1:t4: