How do I get my React app up onto my website?

Hey all,

Finished my Markdown Previewer, but no idea how to get it FTP’d up to my website. Do I include the entire project and just adjust the file paths so that they point at one another. Or is there some special folder/files that gets created where all the ES6/Components/etc gets rendered into something the browser can interpret?

I’m using React with Babel and Webpack if that helps?

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I figured it out kind of?

I did an npm start and then looked at the app in localhost. I right-clicked, view source and then went to sources in the Chrome dev tools. I copied the code for each of the three files there (index.html, styles.css, and bundle.js). Then I just made a new folder with those three files and I FTP’d those as the app.

So my Markdown Previewer is up on the web and works, but there’s got to be a better way than this?

Hmm were you using webpack as part of your build process? You should be able to generate those files with a build process|pipeline :slight_smile:
I’m in need of sleep right now, but if you can’t find anything by the time I get back let me know!

EDIT: here is a start

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