An great guide on setting up React with Webpack and Babel on your local machine

Hi Campers!

If you’ve been through the process of setting up React on your local machine you might feel like this guy.

To write React locally, it’s common to use a transpiler (Babel) to convert React syntax to plain (ES5) Javascript the browser can read and use a bundler (Webpack) to compile the converted code into a single script. An added benefit to using Babel is that you can write ES6 code without a worry since it will convert to ES5.

I came across this guide on Codecademy (no login required) that breaks down the installation and setup into easy steps. For me, it’s easy to get “tooling fatigue” so I like that the guide sticks to the basics so you can get up and running quickly and have a general understanding.

FYI this guide is most useful if you’re working on full-stack projects where you need a development environment with a front and back-end. If you’re working with the front-end only, you can write React directly in the browser on Codepen!

Hopefully you find this guide helpful. I know I did!