How to integrate Babel for Javascript in VS Code

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Hi, I have made a project on Codepen using Babel as Preprocessor for Javascript. Now I want to run this project on my local machine. I have installed the Babel extensions from the VS code. But I guess that would not be enough. How did you guys do it?


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Hello there,

You do not need Babel for JavaScript to work locally. You need Nodejs for JS to work locally. However, if you are wanting to use React locally, then you would need something like Babel, but are better-off using create-react-app to set up your workspace.

If you are more specific with what you are trying to accomplish, we can help more.

Hope this helps

Hmm make sense, So I should use create-react-app to set up a workspace and then add my project contents? Without worrying about Babel?

Absolutely. For a frontend-only app in React, create-react-app is an excellent place to start. There is a tonne of documentation out there to get you going locally.

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