How do I keep my streak going while working on projects

I’m working on the second project “My portfolio” but the site isn’t tracking me as coding and I don’t want to lose my green streak. Anyone have a solution to this?

Offer help on Gitter. Every time someone thanks you, you get a brownie point and it keeps your streak going.

Other than that, ignore the streak counter - the knowledge that you are working is more valuable than a little counter on some website :slight_smile:

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Hi TLand

Believe me the opposite is more bad.
I often talked in gitter instead of coding for a project and so i often missed a streak and felt bad because i did nothing meaningful(ly?).

So make it the way you do, finiish your project and show it the community and forget the streak. If we see your finished project we will know you were diligent and worked hard the last time :slight_smile:

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The ‘video challenges’, towards the bottom of the map are really easy and they count towards your streak. Just do one a day!


I tried keeping up my streak when I got into the projects. It lasted about 3 days before I realized my time was better spent actually working on my projects. My advice is to just let it go.

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We are working on a way that you can build the projects on itself without having to use CodePen. We will also track your progress in a more granular way, which will make it easier to keep your streak alive.

In the meantime, as @JacksonBates said, you can keep your streak alive by helping in Gitter :slight_smile: