Longest streak vs Current Streak

I started the front end challenges before 10 days now. I already finished the 110 challenge. But i broke the current streak even though i was working on a tribute page challenge but didn’t submit the project at that specific day because it was not finished.

What should i do to keep my daily streak without the necessity to solve each and every day a challenge. Any thoughts?

Does the employer see the longest streak on my profile when i later apply for a job? if so , i see it make sense me worrying about keeping the longest streak. it shows that am a committed person and serious about it.

Thanks in advance,

I might be wrong, but I think you can earn brownie points in FCC gitter chats by helping people (assuming they thank you explicitly) and thereby maintain your streak. Campers can correct me if I’m wrong.
But I would suggest being active in those chats not exclusively for the streak, but for solidifying your own knowledge through helping others.

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I dont think you’re streak of activity on freecodecamp is going to make or break you getting hired - I would suggest to make some good projects that you can show off - but since you asked, here’s a few things you can do: if you scroll down the map - there’s easy ways to get a single item completed - there’s some videos that just take a minute to watch - and some other real easy lessons - you can move ahead of the tribute page to the javascript and just do one item there each day until you finish the project - and yes, firuzshoev is correct - if you help someone in the chat rooms you can get an item completed

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Thanks man, I’ll try that.

Thanks for the clarification and the great suggestion about scrolling down the map and complete simple items until i finish a specific project for the sake of keeping my streak.