Streak Broken! Any help?


It appears that the “streak” function is broken within my profile. How can this be fixed? Am I able to help in any way? Thanks!


Your profile doesn’t show any submitted solutions for yesterday. That’s why your streak ended. I think that helping other campers on the chat and getting thanked for it can keep your streak alive while you’re working on harder challenges that may take more than a day to solve, if you’re really worried about it. Or you could go over some of your early challenges, now that you know more, and try to improve your solutions.

Mostly: don’t worry about it too much.


I have been coding on FCC every day since August started. My profile does show that but unfortunately the streak did not. It seems like it got “fixed” but is now only showing my streak since the day I posted this help post in the forum. I’m guessing the streak function was “fixed” but didn’t account for days previously marked?


Regardless, the issue is still not resolved unfortunately.


I’m pretty sure a streak day counts as activity from Midnight to 11:59pm UTC (not in your time zone). From looking at your profile and your chat activity, seems you were active every calendar day, but went more than 24 hours without completing a challenge or getting a thank you in chat on the 7th of August (UTC).

If this something you feel needs investigation and a fix, send a mail to and check related issues at


Hello SkyC. I don’t follow. If I’ve coded everyday, which I have, and which it shows in my profile, everyday in the month of August, then how is it possible for me to have gone longer than 24 hours without coding or a thank you to continue my streak? Even it is in a different timezone, 24 hours is 24 hours. It’s not possible for me to extend that being in a different time zone and still have it appear in my profile that I’ve coded everyday. Correct?


Your current streak IS the month of August (11 days). You didn’t submit any solutions on July 30th or July 31st. Maybe you worked on problems but didn’t finish and submit them. Maybe your connection or the FCC server flaked out right when you were trying to submit. There’s no way to know. I’m sorry that this is frustrating or disappointing for you, but the “streak” functionality is not broken. It is working exactly as it is designed.


Who cares about streaks? That’s just gamification of the learning process.

The important question is are you learning? Are you progressing in your knowledge? Not your days streak.

Some problems/projects just can’t be completed in a day, during the user’s spare time.


Hi Ariel. I hope I didn’t come off as frustrated. Just hoping to shed light on the issue and possibly even help get it fixed. Perhaps I wasn’t clear - the mistake I’m seeing is in the display “Current Streak: 5 Days” on my profile. It is not matching up to the calendar view that shows I’ve been coding the month of August. I hope this helps clarify my intent and issue. Thanks for your help and understanding!


I understand the real issue is “learning.” However, I can honestly attest to the fact that this has been the impetus for me loggin in to learn more each day. At the end of the day, sure, who cares…but I will be honest and say part of me does like seeing the streak continue. All to be said, why have the “streak” or the calendar with green squares at all then? - surely the developers of FCC have seen a positive impact on user engagement with this function. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have it on the site.


It says 11 days.
your profile

Your Time Server Time
Sunday 4:00 PM Sunday 8:00 PM
Monday 8:00 PM Tuesday 12:00 AM

Assume the server’s timezone is 4hrs ahead of yours. The example times above show how you could code two consecutive calendar days in your time zone but miss a day (Monday) according to the server.


That’s crazy! Check out my screenshot…seriously no photoshopping here


I agree - I know helping people on the chat can help build up your streak and points - that being said I mainly help people on the forums so I don’t get extra points for that. However a streak and points are only an added reward you don’t need to worry about streaks or points. Keep up the good work and happy coding :slight_smile:


So it seems that it’s based off of the previous coding time rather than on the day’s time. So really the streak is coded in a way to only allow streaks to continue if the person is coding every 24hrs. Logically, it makes sense but practically shouldn’t it be coded in such a way to correspond with the day’s time “clock” rather than the time between completed coding challenges/gitter help? Humbling asking not arguing.


That would probably add a fair amount of complexity (and therefore fragility) to what is mostly viewed as a minor feature. That said, feel free to create a GitHub Issue suggesting this enhancement.


Thanks for your time! I do appreciate it!


Hi, I faced the same issue today. And as discussed above I think it is caused by the mismatch between the timezones used for the calendar chart and streak count.

Following ArielLeslie’s advice I looked into the GitHub Issue and found this is filed as a open issue.

I hope it will be fixed or I can be a developer who is skilled enough to fix it someday!