Time Zone Anomaly On Camper Profile Page/Code Portfolio

Hi guys, loving your program so far, and in the spirit of open source I wanted to point out a small anomaly.

On the Camper Code Portfolio page, the calendar up top features a time zone inconsistent with the log below, which is also keyed into the streak variable.

Apparently because you guys are open source, I could fix it myself, but I am just starting out . . . so I thought I would at least bring it to your attention. Screen shot included for clarification - you’ll see the calendar in no way matches the current streak of “14 days”. I looked for a time zone setting option but could not find one. Best!

There is a long history of campers getting very upset about streaks appearing broken due to timezones, travel, submissions being more than 24 hours apart but on sequential calendar-days, etc. You can see a long history of GitHub issues about this, but probably the best one to look at is #7925. The final comment by @QuincyLarson addresses why a streak would be higher than what the calendar shows.

@ecotopianow as @ArielLeslie mentioned, we have a closed issue for this and I wasn’t aware that people were still having problems with this (you’re the first person who’s mentioned having issues since we fixed the bug).

If you’re still experiencing bugs with this and can figure out a way to reliably reproduce those bugs, then we should re-open the issue: #7925

Does anyone know which timezone is used by the streak counter and the heatmap? I just lost a 74 day streak even though I finished a challenge by 15:45PM KST (UTC +0900). The streak shows only 1 day but today’s square on the heatmap is colored green, and on the timeline the challenge is recorded as being completed today as well. It seems like the streak counter is using one timezone, while the heatmap and timeline are using a second timezone. Can someone please confirm? It’s really demoralizing as I was taking pride in watching the number grow every day and being able to share it with friends, family, and potential employers.

I understand that it may not be a high priority to fix, so at least knowing the rules of the streak would really help me understand and adjust my coding accordingly.

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/c47JNv9

Quoted from https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/issues/7925#issuecomment-361716788

I observed how challenges are recorded during the last week and basically saw challenge dates and streak are going by UTC and the heatmap is using EST…

If it helps, I completed yesterday’s challenge at around 13:00-14:00PM KST (UTC +0900) and did today’s at 15:45 KST. Would love to know what happened or at least how I could avoid it in the future.

If you look around the forum or the Issues on GitHub, you will see hundreds (not an exaggeration) of posts that the streak and the calendr do not currently work. This widget is being redesigned.

Wow! I saw handfuls, but didn’t realize there’s that many. Do you know anything about the timezones used in the widget as it is now? I don’t expect perfection from an open source project, but I’d really appreciate if I could at least understand how to best use it in its current state. I love FCC and understanding how it works would be great.

The last time I looked at it, it didn’t use timezones. It checked the amount of time between submissions. I believe that your “streak” continued if you completed two tasks within 48 hours.

It is not useable in its current state.

Thanks for weighing in. Maybe something changed, because in my case, the completed challenges were only around 27h apart. Using a 48h period between submissions definitely sounds like it would solve the time zone problem. I’ve heard people on the forum say there’s a half-day grace period on top of however they determine the length of a “day”. That’s all been pretty confusing. I guess I’ll try and test the system to see what I can deduce.

24 hours doesn’t work because if you complete one challenge at 6am and then the next day you do a challenge at noon then you want credit for doing a challenge two days in a row. Then I vaguely remember someone complaining about the possibility of changing timezones breaking your streak. Then people started complaining that it was too forgiving and would continue their streak even if they missed a day, as long as they did challenges at the right times on non-missed days. And so on and so on. I don’t know for sure what the most recent logic was when it broke, but now it doesn’t work at all. Also the months are sideways.

Interesting evolution. Thanks for filling me in! I thought the sideways months were intentional :rofl: They do fit together really nicely this way though