Camper Streak dates off


I’m trying to find out if there’s a specific timezone that FCC is in. I’ve logged in the last four days, but my profile is showing only a streak of 1 day. When I look at the dates of completed challenges, the only dates that show up are May 29 and 31. I haven’t completed any challenges today (just logged in) so my challenges from yesterday are listed as today, and nothing is listed for the 28th when I completed 15 challenges.

When I look at the calendar on the top, all the days are accounted for though.

Please help me figure this out


You say that you have logged in the last four days, did you complete any challenges or just log in?


Yes, the last 3 days. None so far today.

18 on 28th, 5 on 29th, and 5 on 30th.

The challenge list at the bottom has challenges completed on the 31st, but the calendar 31st is empty.

I’m going to wait to see if you get anymore responses on this post because I am not sure how that mechanism works and I don’t want to tell you wrong.

Ok, hopefully someone has run into this before and has a fix. I’ve attached two photos to show what I mean

And the second from the list

I noticed that as well. I had a 6 day streak last week, but the longest streak is 4 days, while I never had 4 consecutive days of activity, as you can see.

That seems to be the same as me. Maybe it’s a current bug?

I think it is just the timezone. I am in GMT+2 (the Netherlands). If the standard timezone is somewhere in the US, then when you complete something after 23:59 it will be the next day for you, but in the US still the same day. Hope anyone knows the real reason?

I’m in the EST (or EDT) time zone, so I’d be fairly close to any American timezone.

(totally off-topic, but my imagination took the title of this thread to a totally different place than reality :blush:)


Yep, it’s a known issue:


Does anyone want to try and tackle this issue? This is a big pain point for a lot of people. I think it’s just a matter of diving into the JavaScript and diagnosing the bug (and maybe writing some tests while you’re in there :wink:

I’ve started taking a look at it. It appears that the streak (and project/challenge dates) don’t account for the user’s timezone, whereas the calendar does…

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I’m not sure about that @george-stepanek, there’s a reference to timezones in server/utils/user-stats.js In which the steak is handled (I think - I’ve not read it super closely yet)

That’s funny. I’ll rethink my title next time lol. :joy:

Thanks for letting me know. I just started, so very thankful to know there’s an issues area on Github. I feel better knowing it wasn’t just my computer or something. I’d love to help by contributing to the source, but I should probably get past CSS section first

@JacksonBates Um, not according to my testing… :smile:

Like I said, I’ve only glanced at it. I’m happy to be wrong if that makes the fix easier :smiley:

This issue is annoying me, too - I have currently got 5 days in the calendar coloured in, but the “current streak” is showing as “2 days” :cry: