Streak reset every 7 days

for some reason, my current streak is reset before pass 7 days, on the calendar I have 17 consecutive days green but my steak never passes 7, any reason why???

That’s weird. It looks like your current streak is 11 days (I don’t see 17 because there was no activity on February 1st, but still not 2 which is what the current streak says it is). Please create a detailed GitHub Issue with screenshots and a link to your profile. Thanks for bringing this bug to our attention.

That’s weirder, I have activities February 1st.

I’m going to blame that most insidious enemy of developers: time zones.

100%, I have a new laptop and when I log in to my profile, surprise, I miss my activities from February 1st. I hate Time Zones :grin: We found a big bad bug :rofl: