Streak on profile not working

I am sure I already posted an issue.
The streak reset a couple of days ago.
I have not missed a day, as you can see on my profile.
I started the 100 day code challenge.
I was trying to get 100 days in a single streak, but your system has gone wrong and reset my figure.
Please can this be corrected.

The heatmap widget is broken. Streaks may show up as either longer or shorter than they should. If you look you will also see that the calendar icons are sideways.

The number of the streak, would be something stored in the database for each user and would then be fed to the profile page when it is requested in the browser.
The icons at the bottom, I had not noticed. When looking in the console, as you say they are wrong. You would have thought that on a site teaching this type of thing, that they would have this part nailed down.

Oh well.

That widget has a long and complicated history. There’s an update for FCC in the works right now that will be released when the QA is complete. I’m not sure what changes (if any) have been made to the heatmap widget.

Can I take it then, that there is nobody there to take a 30 second glance at my profile and adjust the current streak to what it should be.

I strongly doubt that that’s even possible, since it’s a dynamically calculated value.

I’ve given up with it anyway, so don’t worry.

Also sad about losing my last streak record and with no logical explanation; heatmap shows correct consecutive days streaked but the counter reset itself today anyway.

Have we looked into what causes the bug at all? Would be helpful to know if it is anything we can work around in the meantime. Perhaps something to do with locale time zones and the like? I tried adjusting computer locale settings with no luck and also found no location specific settings in FCC.

Thank you!

Yes, this bug has been actively worked for a while. Based on this GitHub Issue it looks like the team is hopeful that it will be fixed when the next update rolls out, but it’s very difficult to test thoroughly so the fix may not cover all possible causes of heatmap issues.