Bug "streak", it keeps resetting for no reason!

Since the “upgrade” of the platform i’m experincing bugs and bugs… I’ve lost my code on previous lessons a my streak at the time of the “upgrade”, and now it happened again!
Check the image:

According to the scheme i haven’t missed a single day at least since may 1 (not true, I haven’t lost a single day since 15 february but time zones scew things up I guess), WHY my current streak is 3? Why?
I want my streak back.


Lol. What matters is what’s in your mind and the good habits you’re forming.

Keep up the hard work :+1:

Based on my observations of the GitHub over the years, streak/heat map appears to be one of the most difficult and temperamental widgets in FCC. (Protip: any time you can avoid dealing with timezones, do so.) Right now there are some known bugs. The most entertaining one is that the calendars are sideways.

I don’t understand that difficulty… isn’t it enough to do a 24 hour check? It doesn’t matter the date…

Check from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59, did the user have an entry?
if yes then streak+=1;
else streak=0;

Isn’t it something like that?

This is an old bug that lots of people have scratched their heads over.

Software can be weird.

You can view the open issues, and some closed issues, in relation to steak bugs and see the conversation that has already occurred in the FCC repo. If you can suggest the thing that fixes it you’ll make a lot of campers happy. :slight_smile:

You would think. But then people would be active in the morning one day and in the evening the next day and would get very upset because they were active on two consecutive days but would break their “streak”. I’ve also seen people get upset because traveling to different timezones would affect their streak. Then I’ve seen people complain because the changes to avoid breaking a streak resulted in them getting credit for two days instead of one.

It’s really easy to search past and present Issues and PRs to see the history. It’s a good lesson on how things that seem very simple can be very difficult to do programmatically.

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