Streak shows still 0

I’m doing responsive web design for almost a month but I see still 0 as my current streak. Any ideas why?

But it shows there’s progress?

Sorry if this seems a stupid thing to point out but you know that you maintain your streak by submitting at least one completed challenge per day? If you miss a single day at any point, your streak will reset to 0.

In Nov my activity looked like that (pic rel) and during all this time my current streak was 0. I know it would reset on 16th for instance but before it should be at least 10 days, right. However, the current streak was 0 all the time.

I don’t know why that would be the case then, sorry. My streak is still going strong!

Thanks anyway, maybe that’s because I got back after quite a long break, no idea why tho :slight_smile:

the streak doesn’t use your timezone, it can reset unexpectedly for that reason.

anyway, it doesn’t work great

Hmm, I have a rather lengthy streak to protect - may seem silly but I’d be annoyed to lose it. Is there an arbitrary time at which streaks reset? Or does it simply reset if 24hrs+ pass since you last completed a challenge?

well, I completed challenges around the same time each day (afternoons in my time zone) and the screenshot shows that it was registered for at least 15 consecutive days but the number was all the time 0

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