How do I remove changes from a PR?

I am being asked to remove 8 of 9 of my changes for a PR I created. Do I just:

  1. Make the changes and save the file, then
  2. Do a git add, commit, and push, and does my original PR will be updated?

I did something similar yesterday for a file that got pushed that should not have. I deleted the file then pushed that change and that file was removed from my PR. Is that all I have to do?


yes, if you have PR open, you just make the changes locally and commit and push to the remote branch and your PR is updated.

If you are using github, you can then check in the PR in the files tab all the changes that are applied (if you are using something else, I guess they will also have similar visual UI to check what changes are being applied).

The person asking for the changes I think replied in another post of mine and mentioned using git reset HEAD to undo my commit for that branch and then just go back and make the one approved change.

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