How do i remove this blank space?

Hello! I’ve been struggling with removing this space between this two sections. I have a feeling that is something pretty simple in my code but i’m not getting it! Can someone please help me?

Wow. This took some digging. Are you using the developer tools (in particular, the Elements inspector)?

Look inside the

<div class='projects-color'>
  <section id='projects' class='flex-container'>
    <ul></ul> <!-- check the margins on this...

Using the developer tools is definitely key to finding this one, as it isn’t the section that’s causing the problem, but the section’s content.

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You mean the Elements Inspector from the browser or the “Analize Html” in codepen?


The browsers elements inspector. Basically, you have a margin all around that ul, and a top margin on the next section. Remove the bottom margin on the ul and make the top margin on the next section into top padding.

Nice thing about the elements inspector, you can edit values right there to test an immediate effect. Try changing those CSS values within the inspector itself. It’s fun!

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