How do I select all children of an element?

I am currently doing the tribute page project, and would like to move all text elements a little bit to the right, as they are all aligned too close to the screen edge. I want them aligned to the left, but just want to put a little bit of space there. I found some answers by googling, and as I understood I should use body > * to select all children of the body element. But when I select with this selector, I also seem to move the container element together with the text and image elements. How do I select all these elements in an easy and smooth way?

You can do it with CSS by giving it a commen class

I would highly, highly suggest abandoning all thought of ever using * as a selector. If you think you need to use it, find another method. It can be highly problematic.

You mention “all text elements”. Hint: that usually means P tags…

I found a different solution to my problem, by adding padding I can move all elements and keep them aligned like I want to. Thanks for the response though.

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