How do I start on backend web development?

So I’ve been making some front end web development, I mostly like to design GUI. Now that I’m building my personal web site I also want to manage the data base.

I actually have no idea no that subject. I’ve heard people is not using PHP anymore, so which language is better for that? what is SQL for?

I’d really apreciate some guidance on the matter. Thanks.

futher into the curriculum you go the more it covers server side programming

javascript can be used for both client and server side apps

SQL is a language that retrieves data from a relational database
There are also NoSQL methods for interating with data such as MongoDB which this site covers.

With javascript you can build servers that lets you recieve, process, store and send data between browsers as well projects that only run on your device.

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Why do you want a DB for your personal website? Are you trying to gather information from users? :stuck_out_tongue:

JavaScript can do both front and back end now.
SQL is a language that lets you create and manage database.

You might want to start looking up relational database and see what they are.
Then try to build something that uses localStorage. :slight_smile:

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Lmao, I just want to make a typical contact input section and also upload some references or my work.

Thanks, I’m gonna check that.