First steps in databases, confusion

Hello, I’m learning programming in JS and I’ve already done a lot of things in my project, but only focusing on the functionality of various systems and their appearance. Now I decided that after a year and a half of learning, I would start learning databases to use them for data processing. I would like to understand the basics so that he can start learning something. I don’t know why I can’t use pure JS for the database and why I have to use the Node.js environment for this. I would like you to give me some guidance on what this is all about and what tools I need to manage databases.


As you can imagine, this is a giant topic and would go over the scope of a forum reply to cover.

In short you can’t use pure JavaScript (except for browser storage) because data bases need their own language. A language that can handle DB data structures, high to big volumes of data and is able to query and process requests.

There are two types of databases, relational and non-relational. You can get into the basics of both here:


You can then find databases and services like SupaBase best suited for your projects.

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If it helps, FCC has courses which cover both SQL and NoSQL databases:

Relational Database Certification (SQL)

Backend Development and APIs Certification (NoSQL)

The first uses PostgreSQL and Bash Scripting to build various relational database projects, such as a Periodical Table database to store information about various elements.

The second uses Mongoose and MongoDB to build Javascript projects which can store and retrieve user information, such as an Exercise Tracker. This knowledge is also utilised further in the certification which follows (Quality Assurance).

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