How do you approach a project?

Hello all
I’m curious of how you guys approach to these intermediate Front-end projects (or maybe future/work projects).

Do you guys approach by thinking the HTML/CSS skeleton first (color scheme, etc) or the JS first in order to append it to HTML, or maybe between both?

I’d like to pick up a good habit when it comes to these kind of projects in the future.

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I’m not sure if this is the best way to go but I’ve done this for my past 2 projects (local weather and random quote machine).

  1. Created basic files (index.html, app.js, style.css, etc).
  2. Made a build system with Gulp if needed.
  3. Filled out basic HTML and linked external sources(css, js, jquery, etc).
  4. Inserted parts of the page in HTML and coded all functionality in JavaScript.
  5. Styled with CSS and made changes to HTML and JS if some were needed.

Thanks for the response!

I’m still new to the web field. Can you explain what tools you would use in Gulp?

Sorry for the late reply. For these projects I only use Browser-Sync on Gulp. But for bigger projects I’d use tools to minify files also.

The workflow really depends on preference. There is technically no right or wrong way to do it.

For me, I start first plan out my ideas on a trello board. Then I start off with the basic html structure, basic color scheme, and then work on most important functions to least important functions. Finally I fix for responsiveness and colors. Sometimes steps get altered but that’s my basic workflow.

On another note: browser-sync and gulp are amazing. I was using livereload for a little bit, but then it kept crashing. I figured out that livereload was no longer being updated… loool :smile_cat:

Hey @Neotriz you will find more camper discussion on this here:

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Personally, I always start with functionality and put off design until the end. Or, I should say, first I start with the abstract, psuedocode, conceptualizing what needs to be accomplished in what order, and guessing what mechanisms might do that. Then I do a lot of JS, and the bare minimum needed of HTML, until I have the whole app working, meeting all the user stories, but completely unstyled and hideous, black and white. Then I “make it purdy.” I feel like, since I’m not planning per se to be a “designer” so much as an engineer (as far as I know right now), getting the appearance nice is of secondary concern and should claim less of my time.