Gulp Browser Sync

Can someone help me with gulp browser sync? Not sure how it works. I have a package.json and gulpfile.js file, and a node modules folder. What Should I do now?

This could take a pretty complex answer so maybe check this out first and see if it helps?:

This was a go to for me the first few times I put Gulp into a project and includes setting up Browsersync (as well as some other nice stuff).

Hope that helps :pineapple:

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Thanks. Just wondering, do I need to set gulp up every time I work? It takes a long time to load the files and everything.

No you’ll build the gulpfile once (add/edit/delete stuff later if needed). Once everything is set up you just type gulp or some command in Node to start everything up. Also you can “take” your Gulpfile with you to another project that you need similar functionality. The Gulp file I put together based on that article was used in all my projects for a while. I must say I haven’t used Gulp in quite a while so not sure how much has changed though.

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