How do you balance your coding time....what do you do to practice

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@theLAhearts I like playing coding games: :slight_smile:


That list looks great! Thanks for sharing! :pray:

thanks for sharing! Some I know and play but some I don’t. Now I have months more learning/fun to lead me into the Xmas vortex.

thanks again!

I code at work lol… there’s a ton of downtime and work internet has very few, if any, restrictions. I don’t plan on making coding my career, but it’s been super fun just learning. The few hours a day I’ve put into it have had great results, and I plan on continuing so long as they allow me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m studying full time.

I spend 1-2 hours a day going through Colt Steele’s course. I spend a small amount of time doing other things like Code Wars. Then I spend the rest of my time working through Free Code Camp.

I also feel like I’m getting to the point where I’m knowledgeable enough that I need to take time to rework my portfolio and start on a couple of small project ideas that I have. My daughter asked me to create her a “game” to practice her multiplication. So I’ve been thinking through how to do that in javascript. It would be good practice building something from scratch, but I think would be a challenge too.

On a normal weekday I spend 6-8 hours studying and coding. I’m fortunate to be able to study the amount that I do.

Im making a programming game right now actually!

How do you balance your coding time

Chunks of time, i have a chunk of 3 hours, in these 3 hours i study only one thing, with intervals every 1 hour. So each day i have 1 to 3 chunks of 3 hours of study, depending on how much time I’m willing or able to commit to studies that day.
So if i start at 12:00, I’ll study until 13:00, then take a break until 13:15, then study until 14:15, take another break and finish at 15:30.

This applies to anything I’m learning. Web development, painting, a new language, etc… It’s what works for me, and it took quite a bit of time to figure it out, so it probably won’t work for you, but hopefully it will help in some way.

What do you do to practice

Set clear goals. I learned web development specifically to get a job, now i got a job, so i no longer learn webdev in my free time, as it’s something i do for work and the knowledge i get there satisfies me. If i were to do some web project outside of my ability, i’d probably study for it in my free time, because then I’d have a goal.

I also learn japanese, and i want to be able to read books in japanese and consume japanese media. I don’t know how to draw, but i want to join next year’s inktober. These are clear goals, things i want to be able to do with that knowledge I’m obtaining. You can’t have idle knowledge or idle ability, it’s useless.
If you’re learning something, you must have a reason for doing so, otherwise you’re just wasting time.
If you’re learning computer science, you gotta have a why, otherwise it’s pointless. When you learn something for no reason other than learning it, it’s very hard to keep that knowledge for yourself and understand those concepts properly, so i think the key to practice is to have clear goals, things you want.

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