How do you change your Username

How do u change your username?

PM me the new username that you want.

Or just drop your desired username on this thread. I might log out after a while and I’ll miss your PM for a couple hours. At least some other mod might pick it up while I’m out.

New username is: Snugzrules. Thx

Done. I knight you @Snugzrules

Thank you

Hey! Would you help me change my freeCodeCamp Username aswell? Right now it’s ‘23beyblade’, but I would like it to be changed to ‘StrategyIsKey’. I couldn’t find another solution, but I would really appreciate your help. Thanks!

hey man, any chance you could change mine to dk34

I christen thee dk34


I also need help in updating my username.
New username = @b97code

and now you are @b97code

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Thank you for the help

apparently this is a popular request…Could you change my name? agentorange123

:white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:
as you wished

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Great, I don’t have to start a whole new thread just for a username change :sunglasses:
New username = jlbuckner

Your wish has been granted.

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Hi, if available, could you please change my username to “kevscript” please. Linking github didn’t update it, thanks :innocent:

You are now @kevscript.

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I would like to change my username to Jeffy

I am sorry Jeffy, but I am unable to change it to that. Someone else has snaffled that username I’m afraid! Is there something else I can try?

Kev, would you set my const newUsername to “Brusli”?
console.log(“Thank you”);